Top 5 Styles to Look into Sherwani for This Wedding Season

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It goes without saying (pretty much) that a traditional Indian wedding is incomplete without a visually-appealing sherwani. Some people might even call it Achkan. A sherwani (or achkan) is worn during wedding celebrations because of the element of royalty (and luxury) that it contains. All those who have worn a sherwani in the past would know that searching for the ideal sherwani is not as easy as it might appear to the naked eye. You can buy wedding sherwani online if you are looking to prepare for your special day. 

There is a lot that you need to look for in an ideal sherwani when you go out to buy one for yourself. To begin with, you need to select the type of sherwani you need. You will come across several different types and kinds of sherwanis as soon as you hit the market. Buy the best mens sherwani in USA if you are planning to organize a traditional Indian wedding in the US this winter. 

Here are some of the best sherwani styles that you can choose from:

Add an Element of Royalty with Jodhpuri Sherwani

A striking feature of the Jodhpuri Sherwani is its Nehru Collar. All those who wish to add a pinch of royalty into the scheme of things can go for a Jodhpuri Sherwani. A Jodhpuri suit can also be chosen by you if you want to enjoy a Rajput-style royal wedding in the US this winter. Remember to choose the colour combination very carefully. Plus, make sure the pajama is in tandem with the colour of the Sherwani. Add a few accessories, such as a gold chain, or a gold watch to add an element of authority into the scheme of things. A traditional mojari would look good with a Jodhpuri Sherwani. Moreover, it would be great to wear a jacket over the sherwani if you believe that the mercury would plunge during nighttime. 

The Indo-Western Sherwani Provides an Innovative Look and Feel 

It is absolutely fine to think out of the box. If you wish to buy a sherwani that’s contemporary. An Indo-western sherwani can be opted by all those who wish to set a new trend (and style statement) on their wedding day. A slightly embroidered sherwani would look good if you want to add a pinch of style and elegance into the mix. You can choose to wear a Kurta beneath the Sherwani if you wish to add an extra layer of clothing. Do search for a sherwani made of wool if you plan on getting married during the peak of winter. Moreover, remember to buy Indo Western Sherwani online only from a reliable sherwani seller in the US. 

Choose Chipkan Sherwani for a Royal Feel 

The Chipkan-style sherwani is tailormade for all the grooms who wish to add the good old Mughal touch to their wedding look. The upper part (Sherwani) tends to provide the perfect fit. Interestingly, the lower part of the attire, i.e. the bottom, is quite similar to a frock. You can, however, choose a traditional pajama if you like. A pathani jhutti would certainly go well with the Chipkan Sherwani. Also, a silk sherwani would be the perfect choice for you to make if you are looking to stay warm during a prolonged Indian wedding ceremony on a cold winter night. 


Intricate embroidery sits at the heart of an Angrakha sherwani. The embroidery done whilst designing an Angrakha-style sherwani is quite dense. Zardozi (use of zari) is a striking feature of the Angrakha sherwani. This sherwani style can be completed using a pagdi or turban. 

You can also go for an Indo-western sherwani online if fusion is your thing. Usually, such sherwanis are known to feature a long coat or jacket. You can pair it up with a Punjabi jhutti or Chelsea (Jodhpur) boot. Also, remember to add a sword into the mix to complete the royal touch. A sherwani with Dhoti is also a great option if you are looking to have a traditional wedding in the US or India.