Sherwani: Some Show-Stopping Styles to Wear It

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Sherwani Some Show-Stopping Styles to Wear It

Celebrations, especially weddings, in Asian families are surrounded by unreal hype. However, a very important aspect of these wedding festivities is the outfits; they are the real deal. There are multiple options when it comes to traditional wear, but what stands out the most is the wedding sherwani.

Sherwani is a traditional outfit that perfectly blends the contemporary sense with modern style. It is a long coat featuring intricate embroidery, fine details, embellishments, and other visual details. The sherwani is often worn above a shirt or a kurta and is usually paired with a pajama, dhoti, or a formal pant, depending on one’s style preference.

Whether you are a groom or someone attending a wedding, you will surely draw attention as soon as you enter the room wearing a sherwani. However, the way you style it plays an important role. Thus, let us look into some ways men can style their sherwani to flaunt an out-of-the-box look.

Classic Style - The Raw Elegance

If you do not prefer experimenting with the look a little too much or prefer comfort rather than style or fashion, classic is an ideal style option. Classic means that you can simply put on a sherwani the way it is designed, along with some cultural accessories, if any, that you are meant to carry.

Sticking to this style does not mean you will lose out on fashion or glam because every sherwani, including the white sherwani, speaks for itself even without additional accessories.

Maharaja Style - For The Royal, You

Who doesn’t want to feel like a king on any celebratory occasions? Well, if you do, wearing sherwani in the Maharaja style should be your ideal choice. This style represents the royal family aspect of Indian heritage. However, this style requires you to go that extra mile and style your sherwani with accessories like dupattas, shawls, jewels/jewelry, and turbans. You can also add layered pearl necklaces as the highlight.

Deconstructed Style - Because That is Where the Fun Begins

If you love experimenting with fashion, why not do it with sherwanis as well?

Ditch the conventional style of wearing the sherwani and pair it with pieces of clothing that you feel most complement your personality. You can pair a sherwani with an evergreen white shirt and formal trousers. Another way is to leave it unbuttoned at the top or entirely as a jacket. Feel free to experiment more, depending on how stylish you want your outfit to be. 


A sherwani is a traditional piece of clothing that will never go out of style for celebratory occasions. Make sure to choose a sherwani that best suits your body, style, preference, and occasion. You can also choose to have a custom sherwani made by our experts. Whether you wish to wear it or style it, the choice is yours!