5 Occasions to Wear Designer Kurta Pajama

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Kurtas have been the traditional outfit for men and women since ancient times. Poets, artists, and scholars used to wear simple kurtas in the 19th century. However, designs of kurtas for men have evolved with time.  We, at Bodylinestore, offer many kinds of kurta for men online, such as kurta with jacket, pathani kurta, simple kurta in silk, cotton, and linen fabrics. Stylists are designing distinct kurtas for various occasions. Here are the top 5 occasions where men wear a kurta. Haldi ceremony Haldi ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual. All friends and relatives apply turmeric paste to the bride and groom during the……


Ethnic Wear for Men: The Ultimate Guide for 2022!

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Ethnic Wear for Men The Ultimate Guide for 2022!.png

Ethnic wear carries our tradition and connects to our roots. When it comes to ethnic dress, we notice a lot of choices for women's clothing and believe that men's clothing has fewer options.  However, there are a lot of alternatives to pick from in order to get an outstanding look. We, at Bodylinestore, offer a fabulous collection of sherwani and kurta for men online shopping as well as in stores. The ultimate guide you're searching for ethnic wear is listed below. Kurta pajama  When it comes to men’s ethnic wear, kurta pajama is the first dress that comes to our minds. It is……