Ethnic Wear for Men: The Ultimate Guide for 2022!

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Ethnic wear carries our tradition and connects to our roots. When it comes to ethnic dress, we notice a lot of choices for women's clothing and believe that men's clothing has fewer options. 

However, there are a lot of alternatives to pick from in order to get an outstanding look. We, at Bodylinestore, offer a fabulous collection of sherwani and kurta for men online shopping as well as in stores. The ultimate guide you're searching for ethnic wear is listed below.

Kurta pajama 

When it comes to men’s ethnic wear, kurta pajama is the first dress that comes to our minds. It is available in a wide range of fabrics, designs, styles, lengths, and colors. You can wear a kurta pajama with jacket or stole.

Kurta not only goes with pajamas but also with jeans, dhoti, skinny trousers, and churidars. Let’s look at the various kinds of kurta-pajamas that are trending in 2022. 

  • Simple kurta pajama - Men wear kurta-pajama not only at weddings but also on various occasions. For these occasions, they can buy simple kurta-pajamas from online stores.
  • Wedding kurta sets - Weddings are a special occasion be it for the groom or his team. They all want to look outstanding in the ceremony. Similarly, on various functions starting from pre-wedding to sangeet, designer kurtas play a huge role. 
  • Pathani suits - Pathani suits have become trendy and comfortable for men. These are basically worn with dhoti, but you can also wear them with denim or churidar. Need a bold and defiant look? Pathani kurta pajama for men is the best attire in 2022.


Sherwani is a blend of Mughal royals' regional attire and European design, featuring buttons along the front. It has now become a popular wedding dress among Indian grooms in the UK. 

  • Indo-western sherwani - Indo-western sherwani, as the name implies, is a mix of Indian and western styles. It features Indian embroidery as well as western sleeves and collars. It looks fantastic on the groom and gives him a regal appearance. It exemplifies how westernization may coexist with ethnicity.
  • Embroidered sherwani - Embroideries look gorgeous when worn as a designer sherwani. Furthermore, it contrasts well with the bride's highly embroidered gown. Nowadays, you may simply purchase a wedding sherwani from the comfort of your own home.


Men look stunning in western suits. But when it comes to ethnic wear, they bear a resemblance to a prince. Hence, we at Bodylinestore, provide gorgeous and trending ethnic wear of 2022 for mens kurta pajama UK.