Kurta-pajama: 5 Trendy Must Have Colors in Your Wardrobe

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The unmatchable love for kurta as a traditional attire is often seen among Asian men, especially those with Indian and Pakistani genes. Kurta is a versatile and comfortable garment worn by men on formal, casual, and semi-formal occasions. The flowy fabric, long in length, worn with trousers (also known as pajamas), features a collar, long sleeves, and intricate designs or patterns. While a kurta is a must-have in your wardrobe, picking the best from hundreds of colors and patterns can be difficult. 

This blog highlights the most popular colors to ensure you stay in line with the trends.

Must Have Kurta Colors in Your Wardrobe


Blue Kurta

Whether it is a formal gathering, a casual occasion, or a celebration, the men's blue kurta fits perfectly in all the brackets. The shades of blue, ranging from sky, light, dark, navy, and more, allow the wearer to pick a shade that best complements their preference, occasion, and personality. Given the versatility of a blue kurta, you can style it in multiple ways. Pair it with a trouser, a pant, or a pajama; the choice is yours. You can choose appealing accessories from our collection to enhance the look further.

Black Kurta

When discussing a kurta or any garment, for that matter, ignoring the classic and evergreen black is impossible. The charm of men’s black kurta pajamas is unmatchable. The pair is just perfect for every occasion and setting. Moreover, black suits EVERYBODY, irrespective of skin, height, and body type. So, it is a perfect choice if you wish to wear something that exhibits elegance and captivates the eyes.

Green Kurta

Green, the color of nature, gives a vibrant and refreshing touch to a wardrobe full of clean colors. You can explore shades of green from pastels, pistachio tones, and forest greens. Many people often believe that green is not an ideal kurta color for them. Instead, it is one color that can suit every skin tone, but you must figure out an ideal shade of green from the tons available. 

Also, if you love experimenting with colors and have the confidence to flaunt anything, a green kurta should be your next pick.

Maroon Kurta

Maroon, a color belonging to the red family, has been trending for quite a while. It is excellent for celebratory occasions, especially mehndi, sangeet, reception, and other main functions. From subtle shades of maroon to bolder shades of darker red, you can choose a tone that best suits your preference. The maroon kurta pajama is another elegant outfit that must be in your wardrobe. 

Yellow Kurta

Yellow, a vibrant color, is an excellent choice for all the energy and positivity it exhibits. A yellow kurta for men is extremely popular for specific occasions like Hadi. However, it can also be an ideal choice for other vibrant and fun occasions. To make the look even more captivating, make sure to choose the correct accessories and complementary tones or hues. You can explore all the shades of yellow kurta on our website to choose something perfect within your budget.



Kurtas, traditional Indian attire, perfectly combines traditional appeal with modern minimalism. Regardless of the occasion, season, or time of day, they can be ideal choices. Explore our range of kurtas to choose an evergreen piece that stands the test of time.