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The green colour is associated with peace, rest and security. The colour gives a feeling of abundance. Hence, men’s traditional wear also consists of green kurta pajama. Men wear green kurta on many occasions, like Holi, weddings, sangeet, and more. We, at Bodylinestore, have a wide variety of green kurta in an online store. Our kurta collection has many shades, including light green and dark green kurta for men.

Green Kurta Pajama for Wedding

You can wear a designer dark green kurta pajama with a turban at a wedding ceremony. Additionally, this could be the best if your groom’s team needs a similar attire. The green colour will bring peace, and the kurta pajama will bring a traditional look.

For a themed wedding, you can have different shades of kurta for various functions. You can wear a light green kurta pajama on sangeet, a dark green kurta with dhoti at a wedding, and a peacock green kurta with pants at reception.

Peacock Green Kurta Pajama

Our collection consists of several shades of green kurta for men, such as dark green, light green, and peacock green. You can wear a light green kurta pajama on the occasion of Holi, whereas you can wear a dark green kurta pajama for wedding occasion. Starting from simple to designer, we provide all kinds of green kurta pajama for men in the USA.

You can wear a green kurta with a pajama, dhoti or pants. Additionally, you can buy various accessories with a kurta, such as a turban and a jacket. We have all these accessories along with men’s green kurta.

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