Ordering & Tracking

1. How do I know that my order has been dispatched?
Ans. We always send an e-mail with all the tracking details, so that the customers can track their shipment on their own.

2. Can I add maximum number of items in the cart?
Ans. Yes, you can do so.

3. Do you send some sale alerts to your customers?
Ans. Yes, we send sale alerts weekly to our customers.

4. How do I know that I have placed an order on your website?
Ans. Once you purchase a garment you get an order confirmation email with all the details mentioned in the email.

5.How do I check the status of my order?
Ans.You can check the status of your order by following steps:
-Log on to your account by signing in.
-Click on 'my account' on top right of website header.
-Click on 'view your order history' under the my order section.

6. How will I know if order is placed successfully?
Ans.You will receive an email confirmation from bodylinestore.com once your order is successfully placed. This mail will have all the details related to your order.



1. What is transit time?
Ans. It is the Transportation time for the products to reach the destination, once they are dispatched from our warehouse.

2. What is the ready to ship section all about?
Ans. The ready to ship items are those which are ready in our Production House and they will Ship within 48 hours after Processing & Finishing.

3. If I order some items from ready to ship section and some from regular, will you ship them separately or together?
Ans. Normally we will ship when all items of the order are ready. But if you want ready to ship items to be shipped separately, that can be done seeing the demand of the situation and urgency.

4. What will be the shipping charges for the orders?
Ans. We offer Free Shipping in India only. For the rest of the world we provide shipping at economical cost. Free shipping worldwide if your order value is above USD $150.

5. Can I ship my order to multiple addresses?
Ans. Yes, you can ship the order at multiple addresses.

6. What about if my address belongs to any remote area? 
Ans. In such case transit may take longer than usual.         

7. What is the estimated delivery time?
Ans. Generally it will take 3 to 7 business days to reach your destination (Business days exclude Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays).Due to bad weather conditions or social disturbances, delivery time by our logistics partner may vary. We will keep you informed about the same.



1. Should I give my complete address or only P.O.Box number?
Ans. You should give your complete physical address as Courier Company does not accept the parcel with only P.O.Box number.

2. Will the price reduce over a period of time for these newly arrived items?
Ans. Normally we do not reduce the prices for these items unless they are put up on sale.

3. If I don’t have credit card how can I make payment via any other mode? 
Ans. Yes, you can make the payment through bank deposit in our company’s bank account.

4. If I have made the bank deposit, how you will locate the order amount with your accounts department?
Ans. You should send scanned copy of bank deposit at customercare@bodylinestore.com, so that we can locate your order amount with our accounts department.

5. Difference between Release and Refund?
Ans. If in any case we have to return your order amount and we have not charged your account, in such case we will release the order amount to your account and you will not get any debit or credit entry with your credit card statement. 
If we have charged your account and then we have to refund for order amount, in such case it will be called as refund and you will get the credit or debit entry with your credit card statement.

6.What are the various payment options available on your site?
Ans. We provide the following modes for a payment.
- Credit Card,Debit Card, & net banking.
- Bank deposit.



1. Can I return an item?
Ans. Please visit the “return policy” page for info.

2. Can I submit the measurements later after completing the order process?
Ans. No, if you are going for a customize garment then you have to give your measurements at www.bodylinestore.com in the customize & buy section.

3. Cancellation of Order? 
Ans. www.bodylinestore.com& times of money reserves the right to cancel any order suspecting fraud. 

4. Can I get Patiala Salwar/Trouser/Dhoti instead of Churidar Pyjama with Sherwani?
Ans. Yes, you can get Patiala/Salwar/Dhoti/Churidar Salwar with Sherwani, in such case there will be extra charges for Patiala Salwar/Dhoti. 

5. If I obtain Patiala Salwar/Trouser/Dhoti instead of churidar then should I provide sherwani length according to that ???
Ans. Yes, in such case sherwani length will be shorter then the actual length.

6. Are the matching accessories shown in the picture included in the price of the garment?
Ans. No, accessories needs to be purchased separately.  

7. Can I get the matching accessory with the ordered items?
Ans. Yes, you can choose your desired type of matching accessory from the drop down menu option on the product page.

8. Difference between order confirmation email & payment confirmation email? 
Ans. Order confirmation email is proof of order that you have made the order at www.bodylinestore.com, it doesn't mean that you have made the order successfully with payment, as payment confirmation email is different thing and you will receive the email once the payment is confirmed.

9.Can I modify my order after placing it?
Ans. Yes, you can modify your order within 24 hours of placing the order.

10. The handwork of the garment will get change if i order a garment of diffrent colour?

Ans. When you select different fabric colour for a garment, in that case handwork design and style of the garment shown will remain same but matching colours in handwork design will be used as per the contrast shade of the fabric in order to make the garment look truly appealing. 



1. Do you custom stitch garments?
Ans. Yes each outfit ordered at www.bodylinestore.com is individually created, crafted and made to fit perfectly to match your attire & occasion.

2. I liked one item, for how long it is expected to be Instock?
Ans. There is no fixture as such for the items instock, first come first serve is the policy.

3. Should we provide exact body measurement or ready garment’s measurement?
Ans. For stiching give exact measurement of your body. Don’t provide margin with measurement as our designer will keep margin while stiching. Please provide us with your exact measurements in inches or centimeters. Do not add to your actual measurements. We will make the correct allowances for fabric shrinkage and for your comfort.