The Ultimate Men’s Kurta Shopping Guide for Eid 2024

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As the festive end of Ramadan approaches, Eid al-Fitr is a time for gathering, contemplation, and celebration. It becomes a vital component of the celebrations when relatives and friends gather to share meals, give gifts, and say prayers. The classic kurta remains the mainstay of Eid fashion for men, providing a classy and culturally significant way to celebrate the holiday.

Choosing the Perfect Eid Kurta

Choosing the perfect Eid kurta for men requires considering several elements, including fabric, colour, fit, and embellishments. Here's a detailed how-to for navigating these components and creating a style that radiates tradition and style.


Choose comfortable, breathable materials like blends of silk, linen, or cotton, particularly in the warmer months leading up to Eid. These materials drape nicely, guaranteeing a put-together and cosy look for the duration of the celebrations.


Since Eid is frequently linked to vivid colours, kurtas in rich hues like royal blue, deep purple, or emerald green can provide a festive touch. On the other hand, traditional neutrals like black, white, or beige are elegant and appropriate for any setting. When choosing, take into account your personal preferences as well as the formality of the occasion.


A well-fitting kurta is essential for a sophisticated and refined appearance. The ideal kurta should have a neat silhouette and a comfortable range of motion without being either tight or baggy. If necessary, choose tailoring to guarantee a perfect fit.


Subtle embellishments can lend a personal touch and elevate your Eid kurta, but they are unnecessary. Seek out kurtas with less embroidery on the chest pocket, cuffs, or collar. Recall that modesty and a lack of excessive ornamentation are ideal for Eid dress.

The kurta's adaptability is what makes it so beautiful. There are several styles to pick from, depending on how formal the occasion is:

● Achkan: A larger kurta for eid with a short jacket perfect for religious rituals and formal events.
● Sherwani: A floor-length coat ideal for formal Eid celebrations and weddings, worn over a churidar or pyjamas.
● Pathani Kurta: Featuring side slits and a mandarin collar, pathani suit for men a casual yet fashionable choice for get-togethers.

Completing the Eid Look

Make sure the colours and textures of your pyjamas, churidars or dhoti pants go well together when you pair your Eid kurta with them. Simple accessories like a pocket square and watch can improve your look, while traditional footwear like mojaris or sandals provides an authentic touch.

Eid is a time to give thanks and celebrate with those you love. Even though dressing up is a beloved custom, put generosity and introspection above your fashion choices. Happy Eid!