5 Ways to Style Blazers for Men

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One piece of cloth can make a man look formal and informal at the same time. Wondering, what? Well, Blazers have made heads turn with their remarkable blend of charm and comfort. To upscale your wardrobe standard yet stay classy buy mens blazer online that matches your personality. This blog covers different ways in which you can style blazers.

Style Blazer with Jeans

Try creating your own look by teaming your go-to pair of jeans with a casual cotton blazer. A blazer and jeans together makes men look tremendous and exudes that carefree air everyone loves. Blazer jeans look great at informal get-togethers, giving the wearer an appealing appearance.

Try a Blazer with Chinos

Chinos are trendy pants with blazers because they are stylish and comfortable. They're the ideal t-shirt and blazer combo that showcases the adorable geek feel. Wear this attire, make the most of your workday, and then unwind with friends after work. Your jacket and chinos would look great in both situations, like bread and butter.

Wear a Blazer with a T Shirt

An excellent choice for a t-shirt and blazer combo is a polo or V-neck t-shirt. V-neck or polo t-shirts highlight the sharp lines of blazers, giving you an escape from the stereotype. They add a rustic, attractive touch while highlighting the wearer's physique type.

Include a Scarf with a Woolen Blazer

The most fashionable colors for wool coats are black, grey, dark tones, or brown. Wearing a wool blazer and wrapping it over your neck with a scarf will keep you warm. You would also seem elegant and classy in official and informal settings.

Grace Your Shirt with a Blazer

This alternative is ideal for men who prefer to enhance the office ambiance with a button-down shirt. Pick a tie that complements a neutral-colored shirt and pair it with a blazer without a second thought. Next, pair the outfit with dark-colored pants. You may also show off a collared shirt by removing the collar from the blazer's lapels.


It takes skill to style a blazer for a man. This blog offers you perfect ideas to showcase your uniqueness. If you are looking to buy mens blazers, tuxedo suits or other accessories for various occasions and events, then browse Bodylinestore’s recent collection and find a perfect fit for you.