7 Kurta Colors for Men to Flaunt this Navratri

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Navratri is the festival of Garba and vibrant colors. You see men and women dressed in their traditional costumes roaming and playing Garba. When it comes to getting dressed up, women have way too many options as compared to men. However, there are ways for men to dress up and stand out. Bodylinestore is one way to find some unique designs for men. Especially if you are an Indian based in the US, you can find a kurta for men online in USA. Their exquisite collection will open doors to groom yourself for this Navratri season. 

In this blog, we will go through seven colors that will look festive. So, let’s get to it. 

Green Kurta Pajama

Green color signifies rest, peace, and security. The color invokes a feeling of abundance which is why it is not only festive but also divine. From light green kurta to dark green, all shades of green give off a soothing vibe. 

Maroon Kurta Pajama 

Be it a pooja or an occasion such as Navratri, Maroon color kurta goes with both. Whether the occasion is casual or fancy, Maroon is an absolute color for all types of occasions. 

Grey Kurta Pajama 

For someone who is a fan of bright, vibrant colors, then grey is a safe choice. So, if you want to give off a decent, subtle vibe, choose this color. Looking for a set of kurta pajama online in USA? Bodylinestore has a unique collection. It has amazing shades of grey kurtas that are perfect for Navratri. 

Orange Kurta Pajama 

Orange is a dynamic color that pretty much goes with every occasion. Navratri is a traditional occasion and an orange colored kurta paired with a white pajama will surely attract a few pairs of eyes. You can even wear a blunt orange organic cotton kurta to set a perfect start to the festive mood. 

White Kurta Pajama 

White represents harmony and peace which is what makes it an evergreen color. Whether you have to attend a sad occasion or a festive one, this color has the quality to blend in. You can pair a white or off-white toned kurta with a classic pair of jutis to make it look vibrant. In fact, you can even go for a monochromatic pajama to help you make the outfit look better. 

Blue Kurta Pajama 

A blue kurta suits every bit of styling. You can wear it with a Nehru coat or simply with a plain oversized jacket. 

Red Kurta Pajama 

Red kurta pajama can be worn on the eighth day (Ashtami) or on the last day as well. The red color signifies boldness and dauntlessness. You can pair a bold, bright turkey-red kurta with either a white or off-white colored pajama. Red color never fails to reflect a festive vibe. 

Wrapping Up 

In Fashion, there is a no-size-fits-all rule. So, feel free to experiment with designs, colors, and textures. If you have been hunting for the best kurta for men online in Australia, skim through Bodylinestore’s collection. They have dazzling designs at affordable rates. Go through their collection and pick the one that you like.