5 Tips for the Groom to Choose Wedding Sherwani

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A wedding is one of the most important and special occasions for any person. You need to feel and look your best on this day. These days, marriage is not only about bride styling but also groom styling. Looking perfect on your D-day for those lovely photographs needs preparation for even the groom. The trials and preparation begin months in advance, and one of the most daunting tasks is to pick the proper wedding wear (right sherwani); for the groom, here are few tips for the groom to choose the best wedding sherwani:


The essential tip is to either synchronize the sherwani with your bride’s dress (same pattern of design or color) or choose to contrast. But whatever you choose, the color should match your body tone also. You can always opt to buy wedding sherwani online, as it can provide you with more choices of color.


There is a wide array of designs to choose from to give you a glamorous look that you can get spoiled for choices. Some of the most popular designs for wedding sherwani include floral patterns, contemporary, stonework, embroidered sherwanis, sequins work sherwanis, and beautiful zari work sherwani. The current trend is something simple yet elegant. 


When it comes to style, we all have our personal choices, whether we prefer a heavy look or a sober look. It would be best if you chose which looks perfect for you according to you. You can choose something which is in trend or something offbeat. But whatever you choose, you need to make sure that it should highlight you. Because it is your big day, you are the star of that event. You can opt for the royal look with heavy embroidery, or something intricate or something asymmetrical at the opening of your sherwani, or you can go for solid colors, a plain weaved sherwani jacket, or a short sherwani jacket with a kurta for a modern yet elegant look. 


A perfect sherwani is not only about the color but also about the perfect fit. Whether you get the sherwani stitched or purchase a ready-made one, it is advisable to have your body measurements correct before picking a sherwani to enhance your shape. On your most important day, it is imperative that you should not only feel comfortable but also confident to carry the sherwani without worrying about adjusting it now and then. An ill-fitting sherwani can otherwise spoil your mood on your most special day.


Accessories are the most crucial element for the wedding wear of the groom. Buying the right accessories that complement your sherwani needs trials and suggestions from experts. Choosing the right kalangi brooch with embellishments can highlight the safa/turban, and pairing it with the beaded chains can add to the panache. A classic time-piece around your wrist and a glamorous mojri can be the eye-catching stuff to be given importance to while planning your wedding wear. 

We hope you found the tips quite helpful. What are you waiting for? Go and grab the wedding sherwani of your choice or reach out to us and buy sherwani online UK from us.