4 Things to Know Before Buying a Wedding Suit

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Regardless of the shape or size of your body, a well-tailored suit is something that will always steal the show. It makes your torso look elongated and makes your body look fit. At least a suit with an apt fitting does. Suits and tuxedos are the types of clothes that simultaneously make you look modern yet decent. Especially purchasing a wedding suit is all excitement. However, there are certain things to look for when you buy tuxedo online or a jodhpuri suit

In this blog, we want to highlight four things you should consider before purchasing a wedding suit. Let's get to it. 

Choose the fabric and color

The suit's fabric is one of the most critical factors in buying a wedding suit. The material could make or break a deal. Avoid silky smooth fabric as it will not only interrupt your fitting but also look childish. Once you choose the fabric, then go for shades and hues. Now, the color of the suit entirely depends on your choice. However, black, maroon, green, and peach are some colors that will accompany an occasion as heavy as a wedding. 

Consider the wedding season 

It would help if you considered the season to buy the fabric. For instance, if it is winter, you can go with the woolen fabric, while in the case of summer, you can go for lightweight fabric like linen or cotton. Shortlisting suits depending on the season narrows down your choices and makes it easy to select the right suit. 

A jodhpuri suit for men is an exceptional alternative to a normal wedding suit. Accessorized with gemstone mala and tribal dress sets, it can give off one of the most elegant styles. You can go through our collection and buy jodhpuri suit online from our store. 

Check your Lapel 

While lapels do not serve any functional purpose, they are essential for the aesthetics of the suit. It is simply a folded fabric on the upper chest. However, it defines the overall appearance of the man with the suit. A suit without a lapel won't have the same structure and formality as a suit with lapels. 

Take fitting into account 

It doesn't matter whether you buy a suit worth lakhs of rupees or if the fabric is too fancy for anyone to purchase. If the suit doesn't fit well, it serves no purpose. If you have a cheap suit that is well-fitted, it will more likely look better than the expensive one with a loose fitting. Now, the fitting includes everything from how the fabric fits your torso to which type of fabric you choose. 

Your suit should fit you from the back, your hands should have a crisp collar cut, and lapels fall flat against your chest when buttoned. 


Hopefully, the blog will help you select the right suit for you. If you want to buy wedding suits for men online, feel free to browse our collection. We also offer global shipping services to countries including Canada, UK, USA, and Australia. So, choose a suit and leave the rest with us!