7 Styling Tips to Enhance a Kurta Pajama Look This Year!

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Be it summers or winters, a kurta pajama is one of the most comfortable clothing pairs in a men’s closet. After all comfortable and classy is something that all men prefer! 

Well, there are plenty ways to enhance a simple kurta pajama look. You can top it up with sunglasses, a leather bag or a paghadi or you can simply wear a kurta pajama with jacket. The choice depends on the occasion. In this blog, we will give you seven such ways to spice up a simple kurta pajama look and pull off a swaggy style! 

Wear kurta with white pajama

Well, everyone may not like patterns and vibrancy. For those, you can simply try different colors and fabrics of kurta and wear it with a plain white pajama. Every color goes with white, right? 

Depending on your choice, you can either wear a plain color kurta with white pajama or go for a printed kurta and match it with white pajama. After all, printed kurtas can never go out of style! 

Wear a matching dhoti 

Why not go back to the basics and pair your pathani or kurta with a Dhoty style pant? People today are anyway all for going old-school. Be it a wedding or a casual festive event, a kurta with a dhoti will garner appreciation. 

Also, if you are a fan of dhoti style pants then you can adorn the same type of kurtas with small changes in the pants. 

Wear a printed jacket/koti on a plain kurta 

Wearing a printed jacket over a plain kurta is the best way to complement your look. This is a trend that even celebrities from every field have been appreciating of late. 

If you are more of a plain vanilla person, you can also choose to put a plain jacket on a simple kurta. It is not necessary to complement plain kurta with printed jacket. 

Printed kurta with unique necklines 

If you want to create a dashing look, go with printed kurta pajams with unique fashionable necklines. Simply by playing around different necklines, you can create new debonair looks and leave people in awe of you. 

There are many kurtas with circular, square and asymmetrical necklines. The best thing about this type of kurta is - you don’t need to wear other accessories like a necklace or a pandle to enhance your look. 

Pathani Set With Woven Motifs

Go for a set with woven motifs to pull off a decent look. Be it a wedding kurta pajama look or for any other occasion, this makes you any-event ready! 

Cowled Kurta pajamas 

Cowled kurta pajamas are the new thing! It is presently in the buzz so you need to make sure to take one of these and dazzle everyone! You can choose to wear one of these if you intend to look a little different from the rest of crowd. 

Draped kurta pajama 

If you are more of an experimental type, then this is the perfect one for you. You can simply wear a draped style kurta pajama and experiment with the look. Plus, they are comfortable and trandy so you will always stand out from the crowd wherever you go. 
Final words 

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to styling and fashion, these tips will help you ace your look a bit. If you are looking for mens kurta online in UK or in any other country,  then you can reach out to us. We assure to get your kurta pajama set delivered to your doorstep!