Essential Styling Guide for Jodhpuri Suits

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Essential Styling Guide for Jodhpuri Suits.png

Did you know that invention of the Jodhpuri suit was an accident?

Yes! Believe it or not, the trendsetter was none other than Jodhupur's own Maharaja Pratap Singh, whose baggage was lost during his trip to England in 1987. So, it was merely a wardrobe error. 

However, it remained eminent in the 19th and 20th centuries in the Jodhpur state of India. Even today, it remains in vogue across India. Be it formal gatherings or wedding occasions; it is a popular choice of men's outfits.

If you have thought of slaying your Jodhupuri look for any special occasion, then you must leaf through this style guide.

Read on.

Pearl Mala

Today's millennials are overcoming stereotypical mindsets and adapting to change. In other words, mala is no more a women-only accessory. It has never been. Even maharajas have adorned malas for decades. Today, it has only become more trendy. So, please don't hold back unless you consider pairing it with a pathani suit for men. Pathani is somewhat more casual and used on lighter occasions.


A turban is, after all, a component of the Indian wedding customs and is customarily worn by the bride's family. So, you may as well utilize it to accentuate your look. With your Jodhpuri suit, choose a complementary color.

Select a milder hue of your suit and pair it with a bright plain or patterned turban. But, of course, you may style it the other way around as well. Make a statement with a jewel-encrusted statement piece in the center and feathers to create volume if you want to give off a sumptuous impression.


A Kamarbandh is another jewelry item similar to a mala that will look stunning in a gemstone design and may be explored by adding diamonds or rhinestones to the mix.

With a basic and modest silver Kamarbandh, you're guaranteed to appear super exquisite and imperial. It also adds a lot of volume to your entire wardrobe and appearance.

Wrapping it up, we can say that pathani suits have stood the test of time and will never go out of fashion. So even a person looking for a Nehru jacket online end up buying this pair of trousers and mid-length jacket, and why not? It is a complete look in itself!