Wedding Sherwani Trends for 2022!

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A wedding is a special day for every couple. Do you know what makes it most memorable? Well, obviously, your outfit. 

Currently, couples wearing the same colored clothes have become the trending style during wedding ceremonies. However, grooms have started wearing designer sherwani to amaze their brides not only in India but also abroad especially in the UK, since the concept of sherwani was involved during British rule in India. 

Sherwani is the combination of regional dress of Mughal royals with buttons down the front, following European fashion. Henceforth, it is a well-known wedding dress among Indian grooms in the UK. Today, it has become quite easy to buy sherwani in UK

Speaking of shopping, why don’t we look at the trends of wedding sherwanis for 2022…!!

Indo western Sherwani

As the name suggests, Indo western Sherwani is a blend of Indian and western look. It is perfectly combined with Indian embroidery and western sleeves and collar. It looks fabulous on the groom and gives a royal look. It perfectly showcases westernization with ethnicity. 

Embroidered Sherwani

While showcasing designer sherwani, embroidered outfits look stunning. Furthermore, it compliments wonderfully with the intricately embroidered attire of the bride. These days, you can easily buy wedding sherwani online at your fingertips. 


Bandhgala is also known as the Jodhpuri suit, as it was originally designed in Jodhpur. Bhandhgala is featured as straight and closed collars. It consists of either full sleeves or sleeveless. India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, used to wear this jacket. Hence, it is also called the Nehru jacket.

In a nutshell, “stunning” is what the groom would like to hear from her bride, and what goes into receiving those compliments is the right choice of attire for your big day. Lastly, Bodyline is the finest online sherwani store to make your purchase for your big day!