5 Amazing Ways to Style Nehru Jacket

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Ethnic is one of the most preferred menswear for quite a few years and Nehru jacket is one of them. If you are looking to buy Nehru jacket online, it is a wonderful idea. In this post we will share 5 amazing ways to style Nehru jacket, so read on:

1. Pair them with Classic Shirts

Pair them with Classic Shirts

Shirts go really well with Nehru jackets. To achieve that phenomenal and effortless look apart from a Nehru jacket, all you need is a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt which is not tucked in. Go for a black or tanned Nehru jacket for that casual yet snazzy look. What’s more? For that suave look, put on your best sneakers and a classy watch.

2. Nehru Jacket with Basic Formals

Nehru Jacket with Basic Formals

A neutral tones Nehru jacket will do the trick while pairing it with basic formals. Your basic formal trousers and shirt is enough for this amazing look. And yes do not forget to wear your formal shoes and a nicely looking watch for the complete man look. You can experiment with colors depending upon the occasion, whether it is a late night meeting or an early morning event.

3. Buy an Accessorized Nehru Jacket

Buy an Accessorized Nehru Jacket

If you want to go for a Nehru jacket and buying it online, then go for one which is accessorized. Some printed buttons or a pocket square will do the trick for you. Select a print that nicely pops against the jacket’s color for that suave look. A great tip here is to buy a jacket which is minimally embellished and contains contrasting buttons. A bit of experimentation wouldn’t hurt so feel free to do so.

4. Team it Up with Kurtas

Team it Up with Kurtas

This probably is one of the best all of all. The key is to colorblock your newly bought Nehru jacket against a nice kurta. Allow it to pop. The jacket and kurta must be contrasting in color, so make the selection carefully. Bottoms must be chosen wisely as well. Nehru jackets really go well with pyjamas and dhotis.

5. Pastel Colored Nehru Jackets

Pastel Colored Nehru Jackets

Mint greens, soft powder blue and pinks are some of the colors to go for. A classic white shirt or kurta can be paired with the jacket for that flawless look. Want to be a bit more experimental? Here’s the key. Choose a paste colored shirt and buy a black Nehru jacket online to add depth to your style.

Hope you found the post useful. For more information about how to buy Nehru jacket online, feel free to write in to us. Also feel free to browse through our latest Nehru jacket collection.