Look Royal This Festive Season With Jodhpuri Suit

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With the festive season going on, you might be all set to check out the mens jodhpuri suit section to get the best one for yourself. Understanding your need to stand out by looking nothing less than royal, we decided to curate a list of different types of Jodhpuri Suit.

Top Jodhpuri Suit Styles

Jodhpuri suits turn out to be a knight in the shining armour for men. Being a classic fusion of modern and traditional time, this became one of the favorite festive wears. Not just on a special occasion, men started preferring these for their special days like a wedding as well. Some of the eye-catching Jodhpuri suit styles are:

1. The Soft Velvet Suit

Velvet never fails to grab attention for the kind of material it is. When a Velvet Jodhpuri suit is worn by a man, it can make everyone go gaga. Plus, winter is here. Velvet suits can be a perfect choice for cozy winters. Try out dark colors like burgundy, black, navy or a bit more darker shade of blue, etc. Golden work on the collar in darker shades can make you look like Your Highness. You can wear a fitting pant or a contrasting pajama under the suit to complete the look.

2. The Printed Suit

While most men like to go simple and sober, men with an aura of Ranveer Singh prefer printed suits. Printed Jodhpuri suits can win your hearts. The printed suits showcase the tradition and rich culture through the intricate printing work on the suits. The colors give you the ethnic feel with a touch of modernity. The pastel colors or the royal looking colors tend to keep your eyes fixed onto the suit. You could purchase a common- contrast-colored pant to wear with your suits.

3. The ‘Man in Black’ Jodhpuri Suit

If someone asks you which is that one suit that would never go out of style, then you can answer pointing towards the classic black Jodhpuri Suit. A good body-fitting black Jodhpuri suit can help you be in the limelight even in the crowd of hundreds. Purchasing Jodhpuri suits online gives you more varieties to choose from. For example, online jodhpuri suits can be customized according to requirements. Printed pockets, collar chains, eye-catchy buttons, and cuff-links can add value to your look. Pair It with bright colored pants like cream, white, etc.

4. The Bright-coloured Jodhpuri Suits

Just like Jodhpur, people love wearing hue or bright colors during festivals. Colors like bright yellow and orange denote happiness. Imagine the amount of attention that will shower on you on wearing the bright-colored suit. Wear your suit with neutral colored pants to complete the look and stand out gracefully.

5. The ‘Wow-white’ Jodhpuri Suit

Still wondering what to wear for the day-time wedding? Go with white. White-colored jodhpuri suit can make you look like the elegant, charming hero straight out of the movie. Moreover, the color will make you look calm and quiet, for a change. The color itself is known for its serenity. Try to get the collar designed in a contrast color like burgundy or black. This will help you gain a lot of attention.

Instead of just checking out online jodhpuri suits, you can search for some accessories online as well. Accessories help you add value to your look. In case you are not able to find it anywhere, Bodyline Store can help you out. We believe in one solution to all your problems. From kurta to sherwani, to jackets, and accessories, we have everything.