How to Accessorize Your Nehru Jacket Smartly?

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Nehru jackets are classic and timeless traditional Indian wear that oozes charm when donned in any of the multiple styles that you can create with it. It is a classic ensemble that let you go casual and chic, traditional modernist, ethnic traditional, or elegantly formal. You can experiment with colors, prints, and designs to create different looks. Nehru jacket online shopping lets you explore a slew of designs you could wear to create a look that helps you stand out. Whichever style you prefer like kurta pajama with jacket or any other chic or ethnic or fusion look you create, a very important yet very strategic element is accessorizing Nehru Jackets right to complete your look. Here are few tips to accessorize your Nehru jacket smartly.

Pocket Squares

Pocket square is a minimal accessory that could elegantly complement your attire. They add a different level of sophistication to your look. When accessorizing pocket square, you need to choose the right color and design to keep it neat yet classy. You could match it with your trouser or stole. Going with prints like polka or geometric or abstract could turn out great. Also, plain or checkered never go wrong; just choose the color that goes well with your outfit. Plain with a border of different color also looks appealing. Most importantly, make sure you fold it well and accessorize nicely so that it stays stable otherwise it could spoil the whole game.


Buttons are undermined but if done right can amp up your whole look. You can go with printed buttons in a plain jacket, opt for contrast buttons, choose a set of colors that go with your outfit, pick brocade buttons in a plain jacket, match the button with the trouser, choose pastels, and play with shapes to enhance the whole outfit.


You always have footwear to complement your look even when you don’t have anything else. While you choose footwear, make sure it is comfortable so that you stay relaxed and feel free while wearing it. One sure-shot and a great option for footwear while you prefer Nehru Jacket buy online is jodhpuri footwear which is quite sophisticated, gives a modernist traditional look, and goes with every look. To achieve a modish off-beat look, you could go with loafers with tassels. For a more chic look, sneakers are a great choice. Keep it effortlessly sophisticated with formal shoes. Traditional leather floaters of mustard or any bright color also work well. For a complete ethnic look, choose heavy traditional juttis.