Trendy Kurta Designs for Men

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One thing that has always managed to win hearts from the men’s clothing is kurta. It would be unfair to say there aren’t trendy designs in kurtas. If you check out mens kurta online, you would definitely end up buying one or two for your special events. To help you decide what type of kurta to wear for the next event, we have jotted down a list of trendy kurta designs. Thank us later.

Trendy Kurta Designs

Simple or designer, kurtas have successfully made their place at the top in men's clothing. Here are some trendy kurta designs, you must try.

Cotton Kurta - keeping it simple

Be it summer or literally any season of the year, one of the most preferred clothing is cotton kurta and jeans. If you are looking for casual wear, cotton kurtas are the best choice. You can style it with a leather jacket and be ready for a party.

Silk Kurta - shine all the way

Planning to go to a wedding or a semi-formal party/ gathering? The best choice would be a silk kurta. These kurtas help men look royal. The glistening, silk sheen manages to bring out the richness helping men receive compliments. The kurta for men online shopping gives you a wide range of collection to choose from. You can try experimenting by wearing patterned silk jackets for a sangeet.

Long Kurta - say ‘yes’ to comfort

Kurtas that end below the knee can never be ignored. Pairing the right pajamas will help you be in the limelight. Men who prefer comfort and design, you can give long kurtas a try. Pairing such single-colored long kurtas with printed jackets that complement the kurta is always a ‘yes’. Designer long kurta is an ideal wedding kurta for man.

Side-Buttoned Kurta

With time, kurtas have evolved and the buttons have moved from front to the side. Side-buttoned kurtas give men a streamlined look that is elegant and unique. Wearing such kurtas with the right pajama for night wedding ceremonies or parties would be a good idea.

Half Kurta

The kurtas that are a bit longer than shirts and shorter than normal kurtas are known as Half Kurta. These kurtas are easy to carry and can be pulled off with normal as well as ripped jeans. You can rock your holiday or casual Sunday brunch look by pairing half kurta with ripped jeans and shades.

Printed Kurta for enthusiastic men

Men who have a bubbly nature, love experimenting and standing out from the crowd. You can try embracing prints and patterns. You can wear printed kurta and safe-side black or white pajama on festivals like Durga Pooja, Diwali or your new year.

Asymmetrical Kurta - Away from the Normal

Men who love designs and cuts, you can rock in this kurta. Asymmetrical kurta comes in different styles. Some have cut in the front, while others have asymmetric cuts to the side. Men can wear such kurtas to cocktail parties or semi-formal gatherings.

Now that you have got an idea of the different kurta designs, your look for different events has been sorted out for this year. Don’t forget to pay attention to your pajamas or jeans and shoes. Try experimenting with kurtas and create your own style.