Tips to Rock the Indo-Western Sherwani for Men

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We all know that sherwanis are a traditional affair. Indeed! The gorgeous, heavy-work, royal-looking sherwanis were meant to make men look nothing less than kings and princes. And sherwanis, without doubt, do their work effortlessly. With time, fashion did reach places, but our love for sherwanis remains the same. The ‘indo-western sherwani’ has grabbed a lot of attention and we cannot overlook that.
Indo-western sherwanis have managed to keep up with the contemporary time and western style with a traditional flair. Elegance is what people look up to, right? With the help of this blog, we'll be suggesting some tips to rock the Indo-western sherwanis.

Not so Casual Colors:

Apart from the regular colors like black or white, there are pastel colors in the collection of Indo-western sherwanis that bring out the poised and royal feels. Colors like earthy beige, minty green, gracious grey, and ivory seize all the attention. Men who are all set to marry can search ‘groom sherwani online’ or even ‘groom indo-western sherwani’ for a variety of choices.

Sophisticatedly Stylish:

Trying out different styles and finalizing that one style that highlights your personality, is a win-win situation. You can either go for sherwanis with jackets or only sherwani with sophisticated pastel colors and a pinch of heavy work. Even sherwanis with ‘out of the box' cuts and designs will make you stand out (figuratively).

Be the Monochrome Man:

It is pretty normal for men to go on with the ongoing fashion. But if you want to try something different, this could be one of the choices. Printed jacket with a collar over the plain kurta of the same color makes it worth everything. You can steal the show with this glorious combination.

Get the ‘Aww, they are so good together’ compliments:

One thing that would ideally be the cherry on top in any wedding is the complementary dresses of the bride and groom. The color combination makes the guests go Aww without a doubt. You could choose a not so common color that helps your skin glow like the mustard yellow, salmon, rose, silver, icy light blue. These colors with contrast would be the cherry on top. Along with this, you could opt long sherwani for men with a different type of cut. The trendy look will surely be the talk of the town.

Flaunt your Floral Fashion:

Not all men like or prefer the floral print that is eye-catchy. Dare to wear it? Well, there are men who love flowers and the floral print all-together is a heartwarming look. Men, wear floral print with confidence and style. The indo-western sherwani has brought in a culture of trial and errorless. There’s just experimenting, followed by a jaw-dropping results. And this is one of the reasons why indo-western sherwanis are becoming the ‘style in comfort’ collection.

You can, in fact, visit our website Bodylinestore to check out the latest collection for grooms, with a wide variety of choices to look into and choose from. We hope we were able to open your mind to a wide range of ideas of styles, that can be put in while rocking your indo-western sherwani.