A Groom's Guide for Sherwanis

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It can be a big challenge for a groom to select the right sherwani for his wedding.  There is a lot one has to account for before buying a sherwani, and frankly, one of the factors is the price as well. With so many designs of sherwani available for men in the UK, the choice is not just based on what you like but also what matches with the bride's dress and with the overall decor of the marriage ceremony. Also, the design has to match with the current trend because gone are the days when almost all sherwani had similar designs and only differed in the color tone. So here are some tips that disperse your confusion and help you buy the perfect sherwani for your wedding:

The Color

Before you even begin browsing through men's sherwani in Birmingham, consult the bride about the color of the dress that she will be wearing on the big day. Bride and groom wearing the same color not only looks good but also reflects the bonding of your relationship and makes for great wedding pictures. If you want to wear contrasting colors that it is best not to make a very radical choice and opt for much more subtle combinations, for example, if the cream-colored sherwani can look good with a bride's maroon or pink toned dress.

The Design

Though we are living in the times when the minimalist design is the trend, when it comes to sherwanis, you got to go in the opposite direction. Your wedding is the occasion on which you want to appear much more grand than simple. Heavy embellishment might not be your style, but sherwani's with heavy work such as embroideries and crystals, etc. are the most suitable for a groom.

The Fabric

The fabric of the sherwani is the most crucial part of your selection. Like in every traditional Indian wedding, you will be sitting under the heat blasting halogen lights for more than a couple of hours. So, it is vital that you buy a sherwani that has the most comfortable and breathable fabric. A wrong fabric choice can turn you into a furnace under the scorching lights.