Embrace Every Traditional Occasion with Evergreen Jodhpuri Suits

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Being Indians, we have to acknowledge all the traditional events throughout the year, which eventually means half of our year passes in celebrating or being part of such events. Now, as we have to attend such events costume play is a must for all men, women, or children. The fact that we all know is we there are many options available for women and children when it comes to traditional attire but what about men? Here’s the simple answer to your doubt- A Jodhpuri suit donned with matching trousers or dhoti is perfect look to suit any kind of occasion. Also, there is a lot of buzz in the fashion industry about shifting towards our royal and elegant attires. Men Jodhpuri suits are always known for their rich heritage look which is enough to cut a dash in every religious/traditional ceremony. If you are heading towards any important traditional function and obscured about what to wear, you can go for Jodhpuri suits. Here are some top-most reasons to choose Jodhpuri suits.

Reasons to pick Jodhpuri suits for traditional ceremonies

We have had a lot of discussion about our Indian culture and the menace of men regarding traditional clothes. As we jumped to a conclusion of choosing Jodhpuri suits as traditional attire, here are some justifications to prove its charm and elegance.

Express the Royalty:

As the origin of Jodhpuri suits is derived from Royal king and inspired by Angarkha which were famous in British era makes it more graceful. The suits when accompanied with brooches and unique jewelry add to the embellishment like embroidery and minute thread work. The whole attire is enough to turn heads towards you at any function.

Availability of different kinds of fabric and color:

Unlike other traditional suits, you can find Jodhpuri suits online in various fabrics which can help you avail the options as per your convenience. Generally, the Jodhpuri suits come in silk, velvet, jute, terrywool, and cotton silk fusion. So be it any season, you can pick Jodhpuri suits as your traditional attire companion for all kind of ceremonies. Also, as the trend follows there are no limits to the options of color available with these kinds of suits.You can avail bright, warm or pastel colors as per the occasion and your choice.

Pair up options for Jodhpuri suits:

When trying suit options, you might also be concerned about the bottoms. But, Jodhpuri suits could be paired with any kind of bottom, it will give an elegant and unique look. It can be matched with distress pants, silk/cotton pajama, dhoti, and churidar.

So, if you are convinced to try Jodhpuri suits for your next ceremony, connect with Bodyline store to avail wide range of options. In case you don’t find your suitable match, we can also help you with customized Men Jodhpuri suits accompanying your occasion theme and your requirements.