The Tuxedo as The Ultimate Wear

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A Tuxedo consists of a number of different elements to make-up the ultimate in high-quality, formal evening wear. These include a jacket with silk facings, called the dinner jacket, trousers with silk lining down the sides matching the lapels, and a white dress shirt with a pleated front. In addition to this a black cummerbund (a sash that is worn around the waist), a black silk bow tie, and finally, Black shoes in patent or highly polished leather.

Tuxedos are worn to private and public dinners, dances, and parties. It is solely worn during the evening.

Tuxedos are available online. If you want it, you can buy one directly from a store or have one stitched personally for yourself by tailors like those on Bodyline.

The popularity of the tuxedo can be attributed to a large number of wealthy, stylish and famous men of the twentieth century. Sean Connery, who has played James Bond in many a movie and several such personalities have contributed to the popularity of this fashionable suit.

Like any other piece of a person's wardrobe, the tuxedo can be accessorized. Items like handkerchiefs, tie pins, cuff links, and white gloves can be added to the already dapper look of a tuxedo to give a more polished appeal.

A tuxedo can cost as little for a lower-quality suit, and go as high as a buyer is willing to spend. Like most anything, with a tuxedo you get what you pay for. The wedding tuxedos will typically cost upwards of three thousand dollars, but will be worth its weight in gold by the fit, feel, and look achieved by the tux. However, for those who aren't able to spend thousands on a good tuxedo, one in the medium range will be just as acceptable at black-tie functions.

It's been said by many people that the suits you wear defines who you are. I believe that you define yourself but the suit can certainly enhance who you are - the Tuxedo doubly so!

So please take your time before deciding on your choice of Tuxedo as it could be one of the most important decisions of your social or professional life.