Kurta Pajama: Ethnic Wear for Men

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The kurta Pajama in many ways defines men in the eyes of the world. This ethnic ensemble that comprises of a button less tunic and drawstring pants is worn all over Indians recognized all over the world as typically Indian clothing. Variations of this ethnic ensemble is also worn in countries neighboring India such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka but India definitely stands out for the numerous regional versions of the kurta while the Pajama silhouette is pretty much the same all over the country. There is the Hyderabadi kurta from Hyderabad, The Lucknowi Kurta from Uttar Pradesh and the Dogri kurta from Punjab. The people of Bengal also have their own local version of the kurta Pajama which is regionally known as the Panjabi Pajama. There have been no widespread debates as to where the kurta Pajama has originated from as there is no historical evidence to trace this garment back to its roots. The Kurta Pajama is a truly versatile garment as traditionally it can be worn as both festive wear and it is also the preferred garment at funerals. The color and the embroidery on the garment largely decides the purpose of wear. Kurta Pajamas that are worn for solemn occasions are generally unembroidered and unembellished while festive wear kurta Pajama are often accentuated with embroidery and embellishments. There is also the casual variation of the kurta Pajama. Read further to know more. 

Simple Cotton Kurta Pajama:

The most common kind of kurta Pajama are the simple Kurta Pajama. For many men these are the ideal daytime ouitfit throughout the year. These simple cotton ouitfit are generally worn as loungewear as many Indian men exclusively wear these garments at home, they are worn for casual chores outside the home and also casual outings. The simple white cotton kurta Pajama is also worn at solemn occasions like funerals and during religious rituals. The use of the simple cotton kurtas Pajama is truly widespread.

Kurta Pajama for Festive Occasions

As mentioned earlier, the kurta Pajama is also widely worn during festive occasions however these outfit are often more accentuated and come in richer fabrics and vibrant colors. Kurta Pajamaoutfit that are worn for festive wear are generally more ornate and vibrant in nature in comparison to regular outfit. These garments come in vibrantly colored high sheen fabrics and are often embellished and embroidered specially around the sleeves and colors. The Pajama silhouette is also often slim fitted and these Pajamas are generally known as churidars.  The festive wear kurta Pajama is generally worn on religious festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Dussehra and Eid and also on days of national importance such Independence day and Republic day. Shorter variations of the kurta are also worn with jeans for casual wear. Men attending the wedding of a family member or friend also prefer to wear the kurta Pajama.

Wedding Wear Kurta Pajama

The Kurta Pajama is also the preferred garment for grooms in many regions of India. Take for example Bengal where the Panjabi Pajama is most commonly worn by grooms at weddings. Wedding Kurta Pajamas are generally traditional regional variations of the garment that are mostly exquisitely embroidered with traditional embroidery and embellishment methods. Some grooms also prefer highly priced designer kurta Pajamaoutfit on their wedding day.