Blazer, a Perfect Style Statement Apparel for Any Occasion!!

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An appropriately worn blazer can add a million dollar look to your attire. Blazers have been worn for years and they are still in. The design has significantly changed over the period and new fabrics, other than wool are being used too. Usually made for suiting, blazers work great with trousers and jeans. Now you can choose a blazer for any occasion, be it a loud night party or a business meeting. For the same reason blazers have been popular in every profession. 

While buying a blazer, firstly check the cuff length; it should just be short (half inch short) of reaching your palm. This gives your shirt to come out a little and creates a textured effect. Your decision of buying also depends on the type of vent. Vents make blazers more comfortable while sitting, without vents your jacket would get wrinkled. Some blazers don’t have vents at all and it is the Italian inspiration. Centre vent can be considered as most popular and versatile. Whereas side vents are more stylish & preferred by youngsters. 

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