6 Unconventional Wedding Sherwani Colors for Men

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The royal-looking wedding sherwani is a timeless piece that Indian and Pakistani men have been wearing and flaunting for ages. The conventional sherwani is popular for its rich fabric, fine details, and particular colors mainly belonging to the ivory, maroon, gold, and navy blue family.

The essence of culture and tradition remains the same; however, to match the trend and color palette preference of today’s generation, the embroidery or details and availability of colors have progressed a lot. 

Choosing a wedding sherwani remains challenging for most grooms. The selection should be based on their preference, and for those open to fashion or color experiments, this blog contains a list of sherwani colors.


Whether clothing, interior, gadgets, or other items, gray today is one of the most popular colors. If you like to stick to trends and want to flaunt some color with the elegance of black and white and its own charm, gray wedding sherwani is the choice. Moreover, the color compliments other shades, assuring the groom of his flawless and fashionable look.

Powder Blue

Shades of blue have been a popular choice among grooms, and we cannot ignore the powder blue sherwani, given that blue is among the very first choice of men. The blue family features cool and warm tones and quickly makes its way to every man’s wardrobe. Similarly, considering the minimalistic elegance it exudes, you cannot go wrong with a blue sherwani, especially for baraat and mehendi.


Peach color has recently picked up pace for its place in the popularity list and is one refreshing color. Shades of peach also belong to the pastel family, and a peach sherwani is the perfect choice for outdoor spring and summer weddings. This color complements silver, red, gold, maroon, and some other colors to ensure your outfit looks premium. 


A classy and modest color: Champagne has made its way to the trending list. This cool, calm, and sophisticated color goes very well with the pop of pink, red, purple, and darker shades. Choose a champagne sherwani to rock the dark-light contrast and grab the much-deserved attention at your wedding. 


Unlike a white sherwani that works for almost every skin tone, yellow sherwani might be challenging to flaunt. It is a tricky color that can be worn with a variety of colors to display your personality. This cheerful color and a yellow sherwani are perfect for sangeet, mehndi, and haldi functions. Yellow best compliments green and white and is ideal for semi-formal or casual occasions.


Purple is the color representing wealth and luxury. The color has light hues like lavender and lilac and darker shades like raisin and plum. If you are into purple color, choose a shade that best suits your skin tone. 

The Choice is Yours!

Your wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime event, so be at your best and wear the best. The colors will keep coming in and out of trends, but choose a sherwani color that beautifully represents your personality and preference. You can explore our range of wedding sherwani on the website and choose one that best ticks all the boxes. 

Ending with an informative note: We can custom make your wedding sherwani; please get in touch for more details.