How to Choose a Perfect Pathani Suit for Eid 2023?

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Eid, a beautiful festival marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, is a time of joy for Muslims worldwide. Nothing is better than a pathani suit on this celebratory occasion.

Pathani suit is a perennial ethnic outfit worn by men for ages. Made from comfortable fabrics like silk or cotton, Asian men wearing pathani casually as well as on important occasions is a common sight.

The long shirt, known as qamis or kameez, flows loosely over the salwar or shalwar, i.e. pants. Even if every pathani suit is super comfy, you must select the right apparel piece to make a style statement.

Well, the last line is our reason for writing this blog on things to consider before you buy pathani suit in UK or wherever you reside.

Choose a Color that Complements You

Colors are essential while selecting any attire for any time of the day. Similarly, wearing and choosing a pathani suit of the right color for the occasion of Eid can increase your confidence and make you feel comfortable. Even in the selection of colors, many factors such as occasion, skin tone, time of the event, personal choice, and cultural or occasional significance are considered.

In addition, it is also essential to decide on the style of your pathani suit. A monochromatic suit, i.e. shirt and pants of the same color, can reflect elegance, whereas wearing a contrasting kameez and salwar can look vibrant.

Choose a Quality Material

The fabric or material of the pathani suit can significantly affect its appearance, comfort, and durability. In addition, not every fabric suits every body type, so you should select a material that suits yours.

If you want to buy pathani suit in USA or online for Eid, you should choose quality over quantity. Don’t rush even if you get those apparel at meager prices. Scroll through your options online or visit the offline market to try on outfits that will give you a good ROI and pass the checklist of factors affecting your fabric choice.

Moreover, it is a wise choice to consider the climatic condition of your country. For instance, fabrics like cotton and linen are perfect for summers, and for cooler surroundings, you can opt for velvet, silk, or woolen pathani suits.

Choose an Ideal Length

A lot of people don’t consider length as an important factor. However, it dramatically influences the outfit that you adorn. Ideally, the length of your pathani suit should be altered per the height, body type, personal choice, and formality required by the occasion or event.

Generally, the kameez or shirt should fall some inches below your waistline to cover your hips safely. In case the kameez remains very short, it can make you uncomfortable at times, especially while bending or sitting.

At the same time, the pants should reach the ankle but not sweep the ground. However, the suitable length of the salwar will depend upon the style of the pant and the body of the person wearing it. Remember, selecting or altering the pathani too short or too long can make your pants appear too tight or too baggy. In addition, length also involves the sleeve length, but you can keep it as per your personal choice and comfort.

Choose a Style Statement

Who doesn’t love making a style statement? Everyone does, and thus you need to choose a pathani that resembles your style. The choice is yours, be it a plain outfit or an outfit with heavy embroidery.

Moreover, enhancing your outfit by pairing it up with a shawl, scarf, watch, or accessories of your choice is a wise idea. Make sure to consider your comfort level as the main motive of celebrating cultural festivals like Eid is to enjoy more rather than flaunt uncomfortable fashion.

Still Looking for a Pathani Suit?

Hopefully, you are now clear about the 4Cs of selecting a perfect pathani suit for Eid 2023, and if you are still looking for the perfect ethnic attire, visit our website to choose from multiple options.

Ohh. one more thing, if you are stuck or confused about your choices on the pathani suit, you can also buy black sherwani online.